Colombian Emerald Double Bezel Pendant 18k Gold

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A piece of the Muzo mine mountain side! This incredible custom handcrafted pendant features two Colombian emeralds bezel set in rich 18k yellow gold. The top stone is a round brilliant-cut Colombian emerald weighing 1.23 carats. It is extremely bright, lustrous crystal material. The lower stone is a jaw-dropping 61.05 carat double cabochon Colombian emerald measuring 38.5mm x 30.5mm x 7.5mm. It is of bright green color and translucent clarity, featuring iron-pyrite inclusions that are indicative of its origin, Muzo, Colombia. The combination of the gemmy brilliant cut and raw cabochon stone are meant to highlight the duality man and nature yet highlight what they can do together, while still preserving the rare museum-worthy specimen quality of the piece.

Total replacement value.....................$35,000
Purchase will include an appraisal from a certified gemologist appraiser title holder with the American Gem Society